• Bonus Codes – A Must-Have for Online Casino and Sports Betting 

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    Online casinos and sports betting have become so popular that you can hardly scroll through social media without seeing their adverts.

    The emergence of many gambling platforms has created competition since every site wants to be ahead in terms of customer attraction. As a result, they strategize to give customers value and appealing offers and benefits that their fellow competitors are not offering.

    In the spirit of competition, iGaming companies have bonus codes that they use to persuade new customers to join their platforms while encouraging existing players to keep depositing at the casino.


    What Are Bonus Codes?


    Bonus codes consist of a string of letters or numbers (to form a code) that a player puts while registering for an account or while making a deposit to be eligible for promotions. The bonus codes can be found on several media, especially social media, promotional emails, and advertisements on iGaming websites.


    How to Use a Bonus Code

    Online casino and sports betting bonuses cannot be cashed immediately after winning; players must first meet all wagering requirements. In some instances, the players are obliged to create an account and download the casino’s app before becoming eligible for the bonus code.

    After receiving the promo code, you are required to enter it in a specific place within the page then the requirements for cashing out the bonus will be displayed. In this case, ensure you read all the requirements to determine if they are satisfactory or whether there are any hidden conditions.


    Consider Using Bet365 Bonus Codes 2022

    Bet365 has several bonus codes to claim whether playing in the online casino or in the sportsbook section. Some of the games to expect from the sportsbook section include football, horse racing, Australian racing, and the greyhound.

    After opening an account, you get to claim £50 in free bets once you make a successful bet of £10. Even though bet365 does not have a ‘no deposit’ bonus code, they have a relatively lower minimum deposit of £10 that allows you to claim £25 back as casino credit for making your first deposit.

    There are many critics of bonus codes, but their significance cannot be ignored because they have helped the industry thrive. Here are the pros of using Bet365 bonus codes 2022.


    1. Bonus Codes Offer a Better (Special) Reward

    Many online casinos and sports betting companies reward their regular users with gifts to encourage them to keep playing. For instance, a gambling site might offer you free spins or cash bonuses to play a certain number of games. Usually, players unlock these bonuses every time they make a deposit.

    By offering free spins or cash bonuses, players are guaranteed a higher chance of boosting their winnings to make more money from a casino. For this reason, experts believe that bonuses should be a significant factor when choosing the best casino to stake your wagers.


    2. They Present a Chance to Play New Games

    The reason most people prefer an online casino over a physical casino is due to their frequent innovation in bringing new games. Some players play for fun, which means playing the same game repeatedly can be boring. Besides, new games bring excitement. iGaming platforms offer exclusive bonuses to complement their newly introduced variants while attracting many players to sample the new games. 

    3. They Offer a Chance to Place a Bet with Less Risk

    Gamblers know that the more money you bet, the more money you stand to win or lose. However, this does not go down well with everybody. Some players prefer to bet with smaller amounts but want to win the jackpot. For such players, the bonus offer comes in handy because it is a great chance to play more games with a lower risk of losing.

    4. Bonus Offers Give a Head Start for Inexperienced Players

    Free spins or cashback offers can be very appealing for new players as they try to navigate and figure out how to play and win without losing much money. Although you might not be able to withdraw the winnings without making a deposit into your account, winning might be the motivation needed for a new player to make a deposit.

    5. When Using a Bonus Code, You are Sure of What You Stand to Get

    Casinos understand that not everyone likes surprises, especially for most gamblers. However, when using a bonus code, you are assured of what you stand to gain if you win or lose.

    6. Promo Codes Lower the Wagering Requirements

    Rollover requirements are essential when you decide to use a given online casino bonus. Some online casinos and sports betting companies provide promo codes that lower the wagering requirements.

    They can be very appealing for experienced players who know that some casino bonuses may need one to wager the amount more than 50 times. This makes it impossible to fulfill the rollover requirement without losing the bonus amount. However, promotional bonuses can have lesser conditions enabling the player to meet them in time.

    7. You Will Get a Chance to Play More Rounds

    Almost every gambler wants to play more rounds for less. If your bonus code gives free spins, it means you get a chance to play more games than usual. If you get lucky, you stand to win handsomely for less. But even if you don’t, you will still get a chance to play more rounds than usual.

    The Final Verdict

    The iGaming industry is vast, with all online casinos and sports betting companies offering mouth-watering bonuses to entice new players to join their platform while maintaining the presence of existing players. However, the industry is also flooded with scammers who use bonus codes for malicious reasons, such as stealing data from unsuspecting players.

    Therefore, it is your responsibility to do a thorough background check on the site you intend to play on. In this case, it would be wise to check for reviews, terms and conditions, and other information that might help you unmask scammers before falling into their traps. For new players, it is recommendable to start with reputable gaming companies to minimize the risk of being scammed.